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Carrey Oliver

Carrey Oliver
Carrey Oliver, Voice Teacher
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Welcome to my site

Like a Phoenix Production is my workstation where I share my works in song writing, sound production, arrangement, singing pedagogy, and choral music. These are the list of works that I did:


I have written several songs in contemporary commercial music. Three had been published.

Choral Arrangement

I have arranged choral works for 16 years and my work often used by local choirs in Sabah.

Voice Teaching

I had worked as a voice teacher since 2004 and had never stop improving myself to help my clients better.

Sound Production

I also enjoy in my free time making sound beats as my passion.

Musicology & Research

My interest in academic research begins in 2015. It is from this scholarly works that I developed unique approach in experiential singing pedagogy for wellbeing.

Business Coaching

I am also professionally trained in Business Administration and I had the opportunity to help new businesses in their enterprise.


Professional Membership and Recognition from Learned Music Societies.

professional experiences

These are the summary of my professional accomplishments in skills training and consultations. I credited my value-based experiences and expertise to my clients (learners) who had been my compeers in local music industry whose presence made my coaching-training a life enriching savoir-faire. 

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Years of Experience

Years spent on active teaching, training, coaching, and consulting on vocals and choral singing professionally since 2004.

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Happy Clients

Numbers of clients consulted and trained inclusive of choral groups, solo students, workshop participants, event clients, and online coaching.

Competitions Won

Numbers of competitions and festivals participated personally as well as trained clients into winning prizes and awards.

What My Clients Say

Since I take Carrey's class in 2012 at my Health District Office, I then further learnt singing professionally from him on how to lead my workplace choir from zero to hero and even take part in international singing exams from Grade 1 to Grade 8, as well as being a participant for national and international choral competitions. Thank you, I am so proud of my achievements!
St Cecilia School of Music Australia Grade 8 Singing
Linda Lazarus
SCSM Grade CC8 Singing
In addition to holding many prestigious international music qualifications and awards, Carrey Oliver is a dynamic and energetic music teacher, performer and administrator. This is reflected in the success of his music teaching enterprise, Oongisvoce Music, as well as his personal conducting and performing skills. St. Cecilia International is proud to be affiliated with such an outstanding professional musician and educator
Matthew S. Tyson
Director, SCSM International
An outstanding & dedicated vocal teacher to our choir, SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin, since 2011. Carrey taught our students not only on how to sing as a group but also instil leadership value among them. He helped achieve the choir’s dream to compete on the international stage in 2019. We have made this far because of his dedication.
Clare Charles
Teacher, SMK DPM