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Carrey Oliver, Voice Teacher

Carrey Oliver is a songwriter, choral music practitioner, music consultant, vocalist, educator, performing arts coach and professional voice teacher in Sabah (North Borneo), Malaysia. He begins his career as a singing coach with Karajan Music School in 2004. After two years of active career as a toured vocalist and performer with a local entertainment company in 2005, Carrey resumes his teaching practice in 2007 at the Pusakag Music School until 2013.

In March 2014, he co-founded the Oongisvoce Music Mansion and reunited with his past students during his years as freelance vocalist and singing coach. Today his clients include private and government groups, public schools, colleges, universities, as well as private students of local Sabahan and Kuala Lumpur-based recording artistes.

Carrey received professional instruction in Western Classical singing and Choral Conducting under the tutelage of an eminent Baritone Master-Teacher, Mr Yap Hon Leong (2003 – 2005). During the rigorous training, his master-teacher told him about an accomplished international soprano named Phoon Sook Peng whom Mr Yap held as one of the best qualified Classical singer in Malaysia. Little did he know that 2009 brought him to receive a Bel Canto instruction from Ms Phoon whom he continues to admire as master-teacher and collaborate until today. 

Carrey develops interest in vocal pedagogy research and synthesize his classical voice training with the Contemporary Commercial Music methodologies expounded by established modern voice experts, pedagogues, and specialists to develop his teaching style as part of the trademark training in the Oongisvoce Music Mansion learning system. 

Carrey received his Licentiate Diploma in Musicology and Research with his thesis entitled “Choral Pedagogy: Teaching Non-Musical Adult Choir in Multi-Cultural and Multi-Religious Malaysia” and further awarded with SCSM International’s highest qualification in the Fellowship Diploma with the research thesis titled “Teaching Choral Singing to the Public Service Employees and its Impact to the Well-Being in the Workplace“. He also holds a Fellowship qualification from the reputable “Australian Society of Musicology & Composition” and became the Fellow of the “Guild Of Musicians and Singers” (London).

In 2015, Carrey founded “THE OV SINGERS” program, which later culminates into the Oongisvoce Music Mansion’s highly achieved choral ensemble in Sabah. The OV Singers consist of beginner and amateur community singers from various social background and ages with learning objectives to encourage refined artistry in choral music, performing arts, and well-being through group singing. Under his direction, The OV Singers participated in the MCE International Choral Competition 2018 for the first time performing with other 83 choirs from nine different countries and received two Silver Class-A Diplomas for the Mixed Choir and  Show Choir Categories which is held at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre. 

Carrey is honoured to direct the “The Sindak Sunduvan Choir”, which established in the year 2010 and later reorganized its name to “The iGenVE SMK DPM” (2015). The iGenVE consists of highschool students aged 13 – 17 years old from the Datuk Peter Mojuntin Secondary School (SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin, Penampang Sabah) who received two SCSM International Music Examination awards for Grade 4 and Grade 5 in Singing Ensemble. In 2019, Carrey trained and conducted the new batch of The iGenVE to participate in their first-ever Kuala Lumpur International Choir Competition held at ASWARA, Kuala Lumpur and received a Silver Class-A Diploma Award and Best Costume Award. 

Carrey previously served as the Choral Director and Conductor for “The Suara Bayu Choir” (a registered community choir consists of working adults from diverse social background) in 2005 – 2012 who won the Champion titles for the Sabah State Level Choir Competition and Malaysia National Level Choir Competition in 2007 organized by the Malaysian Department of National Unity and Integration.

One of his proud achievement is in the promotion of choral culture and arts among the local Sabahan by organizing a choral festival that brought collaboration of several strong local and international institutions, which materialized in September 2015. With the hard work and support from Anna Marius Laison (Organizing Chairperson) and Linda Lazarus (Organizing Secretary) he co-founded “The 1st Sabah Choral Festival (1st SCF)” and served as its Artistic Director to ensure quality in the adjudication, performing repertoires, and the organizing. With the Panel of Judges, Ms Denise Collins (Senior Examiner Australian GUILD Music Education), Ms Phoon Sook Peng (Malaysian International Soprano), and Mr Andrew Poninting (University Malaysia Sabah’s Senior Music Lecturer), “The 1st Sabah Choral Festival” pride itself by gathering talents such as the Solar Wind Singers (Winner of Acappella Category, 1st SCF) and The Male-Efficient Choir (Overall Champion of 1st SCF), who later continue to win several awards in the national and international competitions.

Carrey experiment western musicology with his ethnic cultures and is an advocate for music as a lifelong learning pursuit towards artistic retrospection and wellbeing. Trained in Management & Administration with an MBA from the Anglia Ruskin University, Carrey is responsible for the artistic development in the Oongisvoce Music Mansion as the Artistic Director since 2014. Found solace in songwriting, he also enjoy perusing works related to social sciences, neuroscience of music, research methodology, and philosophy. If he isn’t book worming, you would see him trying out a new recipe or fanboying Masashi Kishimoto’s works “Naruto” and “Boruto”. 

What My client Says About Me

An outstanding & dedicated vocal teacher to our choir, SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin, since 2011. Carrey taught our students not only on how to sing as a group but also instil leadership value among them. He helped achieve the choir’s dream to compete on the international stage in 2019. We have made this far because of his dedication.
Clare Charles
Teacher, SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin

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